Mission San Luis Obispo

by Eli Dvortcsak

header photo

Original painting by Eli Dvortcsak


San Luis Obispo in 1876 with New England steeple

Drawing by Edward Vischer

Museum wall painting showing Chumash rock art

Bear fountain


Interior of church

Statue of Father Junipero Serra

Mission San Luis, Obispo de Tolosa was the 5th mission in the
21 Mission chain and was founded by Father Junipero Serra.
The Mission was named for the son of an Italian King and
Nephew of a French King. At a young age he gave up his fortune
and ability to inherit the Italian throne and was named
the Bishop of Toulouse. He died less than a year afterwards;
he was only 23. Father Serra held a mass dedicating the land in 1772.
The Mission is nicknamed the ‘Prince of the Missions.’